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Who are We & What Do We Do

We are a data sharing platform that enables Insurance Underwriters to query vehicle data and submit data to governing authorities dealing in matters relating to road safety through a secured integrated Application Programming Interface (API). IDES is a product of IMS(Interactive Media Services) on of Kenya largest IT Companies with vast experience in delivering unique and dependable IT solutions.

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Why Underwriters Use Our Services

We are committed to digitise, automate and simplify the insurance industry. This will enable the relevant authorities achieve their mandate to regulate, supervise and develop the Kenyan insurance industry through the automated real-time, secure and time-stamped industry data and information by:

Interlinking Various Government Agencies - This Provides clean upto date data that is shared between Insurance Agencies

Providing a Well Thought Out API Interface - Our API interface can be integrated to any Insurance Management System

Proper and high Customer engagement - We provide 24/7 Customer Support.

How it works

Want To be Onboarded? It is Pretty Simple

Our onboarding Process is pretty simple.

  • Complete On-boarding Form Either Online or Physical
  • Classification and Category
  • Integration to Our APIs
  • Purchase of tokens
  • Consuming the data
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Vehicle Details Verification

The Api provides information of the vehicle details and vehicle history. Some of the details include:

  • Vehicle Details
  • Owner Details
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Driving License Verification

This Api provides information about the driving license. Some of the details Include:

  • Driving License Owner Details
  • Driving License Expiry Date
  • Driving License Classes
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Policy Verification

This Api Provides information about the vehicle policy. Some of the details Include

  • Policy Holder Details
  • Policy Provider
  • Expiry Date
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Integrated Data Exchange System

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